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"The Million Dollar Property Blueprint"
Learn how to Successfully invest in property and make money using a little known insider secret using a tried and tested process 
 WEDNESDAY 6th of June 2018 

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What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:
Secret #1
How to Rapidly Reduce Your Mortgage
Why do Banks Give us Principal + Interest Loans?  
Find a way to Rapidly Reduce your Mortgage without any extra money leaving your pocket and a way to pay off
your mortgage in less than half the time. 

Secret #2
How To Get Money Back On Your Tax Every Week?
Instead of paying a hefty cut to the ATO learn an easy way to legally reduce the amount of tax you pay a year and get back $80 of your tax money back in your pocket, every week
Secret #3
Why Negative Gearing Sucks and how the Game has Changed?
The things like Negative Gearing that worked back in the day don’t work anymore and if we don’t learn the new rules we’re going to be out of the game and people who do learn the rules will be making money while wer'e not.  

About Your Host

If you haven’t heard of George Markoski he is not your average ‘Mentor’. He’s been named a "Property Guru" by and The Advertiser.
 He’s a sought after adviser, speaker and author in the property investment space. 

At the age of 37 George Markoski retired with 10 investment properties and a handsome passive income of $180,000 a year.

Through years of property investing experience George was able to work out a strategy that allowed him to build a property portfolio of 10 properties and create a passive income of $180,000.
In his retirement, George used his free time to travel the world, meet exciting people and have loads of fun! He also became heavily involved with multiple charitable and philanthropic organisations including raising $225,000 for childeren with special needs and a vice president of eye play sport helping the visualy impared play sport.
In the meantime while he was enjoying his retirement, his success in the property market led many of his workmates, friends and family to ask him for his guidance in how to achieve similar results.

George firmly believes in following Mark Twain's advice ' Make your vacation your vocation' so after an insightful dinner with Tim Ferris (author of the 4 Hour Work Week) he discovered that his passions for Property and for helping people could unite under one vision.
This inspired him to start “Positive Property Solution Australia” specialising in helping others build their wealth through property. Previously helping friends and family invest, George noticed a real need for useful property investing advice, which led him in the direction of his new goal. To create 500 Australian property millionaires.
George has run property investing workshops around Australia since 2010 inspiring hundreds of people to take charge of their futures and to build their wealth through property.

George is also the bestselling author of "Freedom through Property", a book that not only shares George’s journey over the years in property investing, but also gives hands on practical advice on how to get started. 
George's work has led him to be featured in numerous well known publications such as The Advertiser and as well as many others, all of which have showcased his achievements and his Property Expertise.
George guides his clients step by step through the investing experience. Knowing that a balanced portfolio with the right guidance can make all the difference; he believes in helping as many people as he can, empowering Australians with the knowledge and confidence to achieve their financial goals in life.

"Adelaide property guru reveals how to retire in your thirties" - 
The Advertiser

"Mr Markoski retired on a 10-property portfolio at age 37, and a passive annual income of $180,000."

"George Markoski has always displayed competence when it comes to property and investing"- Smart Property Investment

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